Fine Renewal of a New Life Without Drug

To get rid of the presence of narcotic substances in the body is difficult. Even single use leaves traces in the hair and can be detected after a long time. The only absolutely reliable way is to completely stop taking any psychoactive substances.

This method cannot be used by a few. Therefore, people are looking for other effective ways to remove the substances sought from the body. Such methods exist, but they take a long time. Rapid withdrawal of drugs from the body is required if an overdose is observed and eliminating harmful substances means saving a person’s life.

How to get drugs out of the body at home

Not all people are in a hurry to resort to the help of specialist narcologists, as they are afraid that this case will become public and may harm a person afterwards. At home, it is quite difficult to completely clean the body. The use of special agents or sorbents can only improve the general state of the body in case of an overdose, but drugs cannot be eliminated from blood or urine and the tests will still give a positive result. In addition, for some people, taking a diuretic is quite a difficult procedure that can only worsen the general condition. With the addiction rehab solutions you can have the best option now.

Therefore, before giving a person a diuretic, one must be convinced not only of the health of the urinary system, but also of the normal state of the heart and blood vessels.

How to accelerate the withdrawal of drugs from the body

  • Completely collect traces of the presence in the body of psychoactive substances this method cannot, but will significantly improve a person’s condition. To accelerate the removal of toxins from the body, it is necessary to increase the amount of fluid consumed. Normal water without additives is suitable for this. Her daily intake should be increased to two liters. In addition, in the menu it is necessary to replace all the second dishes with soups, milk porridges, fresh fruit pureeand vegetables.
  • This will not only support the body, but also put in order the water-salt balance. This method helps to put a man on his feet for two or three days, but reduce fluid intake only on the fifth day. Even the absence of signs of intoxication and the presence of appetite may not be the reason for the complete elimination of narcotic substances. During the purification by increasing the intake of fluid, it is necessary to make sure of an increase in diuresis.

If water is retained in the body and the kidneys do not cope with its elimination, it is necessary to immediately stop consuming liquid and consult a doctor. Excess water in the body can lead to increased pressure and lead to undesirable consequences. Normalization of kidney function can be performed only in a hospital.

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