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Many B2B and consumer product manufacturing companies use sales channels, either distributors or resellers. This is called indirect selling. Although it offers definite advantages, the problems related to this type of sale can become real puzzles.

By entrusting some of your sales responsibility to an intermediary, you do not have absolute control over your sales cycle. How to make sure that your distributor sells your product well, despite the other lines it represents and the distance that separates you?

To motivate your sales channels, there is no quick fix. Increasing their profit margin is NOT an important lever, although it is very often used by companies as a remedy to sales problems. Moreover, it is better to avoid this strategy if you really want to encourage your resellers to sell your products. In Wawa – Sell to Wawa the options are perfect in this matter.

Motivate your sales channels in steps

Just like you, distributors and resellers have sales targets to reach and it is these goals that dictate their priorities. To make them want to sell your products more than others, you need to be part of their overall strategy, contributing to the success of their business model. This proactive attitude will allow you to build a special relationship with them and make them think of you and your products first.

Here are 5 ways to become an integral part of the business model of your sales channels:

  1. Help them to stand out

Your product must help the reseller stand out from his competitors. This can result in an exclusive product or technology, unparalleled premium quality or limited distribution. The idea is that the distributor can build its marketing strategy around your product, either because of its qualities, the problems it solves or its exclusivity.

  1. Help them to develop their expert status

A salesman always tends to favor products that are easy to sell, that is, products that are affordable. Generally, quality products require a capacity to sell the value that most resellers do not possess. By helping your resellers sell value, they can position themselves as an expert. This new knowledge will translate into additional income for him and for you by the same token. For more you can visit to the parts of Retail distribution.

  1. Name a good sales channel manager

A good manager will help distributors sell your products by providing them with good advice, offering ongoing training and encouraging them to ask the right questions to customers. By establishing a relationship of trust, the manager becomes a reference for the distributor. The latter will not hesitate to consult and, above all, keep his products in mind.

  1. Make your product a business catalyst for your sales channels

You have to bet on leverage. It’s not that your product represents 75% of your distributor’s sales volume, but rather that it opens the door to new business opportunities. For example, one of our customers manufactures architectural products that represent only 3% of the sales volume of its distributors.

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